Monday, 11 June 2012

Blow wind, blow!!!!!

Blow wind, blow!!!!

My latest love is the "EDF Engery Blob, Zingy" he's just too cute.

So I decided to pop him onto a little short mesh top.  The top is available for L$200 full perms on the marketplace here  I am loving this creator's stuff - so inexpensive and easy to retexture :) 

Sadly my hopes of wind power to fly my kite were dashed!  I got this kite as part of a set from Lisp Bazaar at Collabor88 .  It's a great set - comes as wearables and poseballs and the kites are texture change :)

My hair is from D!va - available this cycle of Collabora88 - this shade is Cat's Eye

My shorts are from TokiDoki artisan shorts (I dont think this stripe pattern is available now but there are lots of other patterns for these cute shorts.

My shoes are also from TokiDoki - I got these at The Dressing Room and they are grey but I modded them to brown.

Skin is a dollarbie, Charmy, from Mother Goose

Lipstick is a group gift from Mock Cosmetics called Burnout (not free to join but more than worth it!)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ok so this is not a Camper Van!

I have recently developed a longing for an old Camper Van in RL and decided that I could have one in my Second Life to content me while I save for my real one. So I looked around and found a full perm mesh van for only L$89  here . 

So far so good ... however my texturing skills need some work so before I embark on Camper Van texturing I decided to try something more simple and TaDaaaa! I got this Full Perm Rigged Mesh Ladies Balloon Shorts - Fashion Kit for $L250 on the Marketplace here

So far I have made two new textures for my shorts (in about 2 mins each) they are really easy to do as the kit creator gives out sample texture one can edit and so here is the result of one of my efforts.  Soon I will have more shorts than I can shake a stick at!

  Bills most likely :(

Also worn:

Hair /Wasabi Pills/ Claire Mesh Hair - Seafoam fameshed
Skin - .::Mother Goose's::.Moran-LB Spring Rain Event
Headband [monso] My Bunny Band - Dollarbie Spring Rain Event
Necklace .S h i - Necklace Coin Pouch (Group Gift)
Shoes :..SANTO..: Warthogs_Gold_White (free) Here
Top:    Kyoot - Soft Heart Cropped Top (Pink) 2

Mail Box and Letters  - previous gift from What Next

Monday, 4 June 2012


Fameshed & The Dressing Room

I bought this lovely Leah skin in tan from Glam Affair for only $L70 at The Dressing Room and also from Glam Affair I got these really nice Lou pants - there are 3 shades in the pack - I am wearing pastel cream.  These can be found at Fameshed along with Wasabi Pills/ Claire Mesh Hair I am wearing shade Seafoam.

My lipstick is from Mother Goose - purchased at the Korean Spring Rain Event.  Eyeshadow is from Mock - previous Dr Who themed gacha eyeshadows. 

Necklace and nails are from Izzies

Feet link Mesh Feet S (Rigged) here

Shoes K_gs WCSandal - Lucky Board here

Tank - Intrinsic Tank in Fawn free from Jane (available free in a heap load of shades - ty Jane)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Make a Wish!

dandelion wishes

When I was a little girl I used to love blowing on dandelions and making wishes, all I probably made were more dandelions all over the place!!!


Skin  .::Mother Goose's::.Sarang(B)1teeth - Spring Rain Event Here
Eyeshadow:  .::Mother Goose's::.color line Eye make up)7  free at Spring Rain Event Here
Hair: Magika [Hair S] Calm Here
Hair Ornament: LaGyo_Wisteria headpiece Here
Necklace: [ glow ] studio  Decoy Necklace Here
Top: Aura - Ruffle Boho Top - S - Green (Group Gift - not free to join)  Here
Skirt: ::C'est la vie !:: summer long skirt(flower moca)-S  (at Creativevent)
Nails: Izzie's - French Nails Here
Chain: [EY:NO] Bellychain Key to my <3 (gold) Here
Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes - Hazel (L) Here
Dandelion - free from Marketplace

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Spring Rain on the Isles

I See Ewe! Today's Shipping Forecast

As is my habit, I was changing my land and house the other day and I wanted some sea and islands so I went to the marketplace and found quite a lot of free cute stuff.

Both islands are free here - I have taken the shack and dock off the lighthouse island and joined two sheep islands together.

The Boulders are free here

Stone Henge (Mesh) - I made it much smaller than it is cause I didnt want to crush my sheep!  here

The Korean Spring Rain Event started today - do go visit :)  Spring Rain Event is Here

The hair I am wearing on picture 1 is a lucky board prize at the event : ) BCC. bombie event lotus hair Purple LB

Skin in both pictures is .::Mother Goose's::.Sarang(B) (available at SR Event) and there is a dollarbie skin available of Sarang and a LB skin of Moran there too.

My suitcase is from Mother Goose at the event

Shorts picture 1 ::{u.f.o}::hunmin word - brown (I also bought black) SR Event

Shorts picture 2 old gift from Jane

Top Picture 1 - :pesca:soft blouse/mesh/LB Pesca

Top Picture 2 - Tokidoki Amrita shirt (GROUP GIFT) [MESH]

Hairflower dollarbie from U.F.O. at SE Event

Lots of great stuff at the event and quite a few LBs - have fun!

And thinking of Spring Rain - and rain in general here is Billy Connolly singing about the virtues of Wellies!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Where are Craig and Richard?????

So here I am in front of the Jet D'eau in Geneva but Craig and Richard are missing! Looks like I need to do this mission on my own.

I dont know if any of you know of the old late 60's show "The Champions" - it is about 3 NEMISIS Agents who get special powers when they crash their plane in Tibet.   I got a box set of DVDs of the entire show for Christmas and I just loved it.

It must have been made on a budget of 3 buttons and a showstring: the same house and furniture appears sooo many times, continuity errors are rife and film of locations is used rather than actually making the show on location. However I just LOVE it! 

I decided to have a go at making a Sharron Macready look alike for my avatar and here is the result:
I Love old Cult TV Shows!


Skin - Mynerva Milena in tone Bisque

Eyeshadow - Cheap Makeup gatcha eyeshadow and liner Sparkly Shadow Mermaid 17 - only L$9 a go at the moment - not sure how long the 40% off is running for but I got this yesterday

Cheek Contour - Cheap Makeup Cheekbone Contouring Light

Lips - Cupcakes Charm Peach Pretty Nude

Lashes - Essences Long and Rare Lashes (these were a freebie I think - got them ages ago so can't be sure)

Nails - Le Forme  French Nails Gift - these were free

Eyes - Ikon Utopia Eyes Light Blue Medium

Dress - MichaMi Call Me in Sky

Bag - The Secret Store Funky Tango Bag Guinnevere

Hair - Truth Eden in Beach

Bangles - Nasa Mezclar (and I cant find any info about them sorry !!! think they were from a hunt)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Bearing Fruit

bearing fruit!

I am heading off for a Teddy Bears' Picnic with these cute little guys that I got from the LB at Love Soul

My large Watermelon bag is free from + 9 and there are loads of cute things there for free.

The chinos are available at S@bbia LB

Skin is Mother Goose - Charmy $L1

Hair is Secret Summer in Vanilla from Exile at The Deck - $L95 a pack

Top is Graham Pinks from Cold Logic