Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Spring Rain on the Isles

I See Ewe! Today's Shipping Forecast

As is my habit, I was changing my land and house the other day and I wanted some sea and islands so I went to the marketplace and found quite a lot of free cute stuff.

Both islands are free here - I have taken the shack and dock off the lighthouse island and joined two sheep islands together.

The Boulders are free here

Stone Henge (Mesh) - I made it much smaller than it is cause I didnt want to crush my sheep!  here

The Korean Spring Rain Event started today - do go visit :)  Spring Rain Event is Here

The hair I am wearing on picture 1 is a lucky board prize at the event : ) BCC. bombie event lotus hair Purple LB

Skin in both pictures is .::Mother Goose's::.Sarang(B) (available at SR Event) and there is a dollarbie skin available of Sarang and a LB skin of Moran there too.

My suitcase is from Mother Goose at the event

Shorts picture 1 ::{u.f.o}::hunmin word - brown (I also bought black) SR Event

Shorts picture 2 old gift from Jane

Top Picture 1 - :pesca:soft blouse/mesh/LB Pesca

Top Picture 2 - Tokidoki Amrita shirt (GROUP GIFT) [MESH]

Hairflower dollarbie from U.F.O. at SE Event

Lots of great stuff at the event and quite a few LBs - have fun!

And thinking of Spring Rain - and rain in general here is Billy Connolly singing about the virtues of Wellies!

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