Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sooo much Pink!!!

got some barbie going on

It's been ages since I did a blog post.  My RL is busy and it is hard to find much time to spend on SL - but not hard to spend Lindens when I get there!!!

Anyways this post has a mix of freebs, bargain event items, group gifts, hunt items and regular price stuff.

First up - in the background you might notice a cute coffee maker???  (sorry I blurred it out).  This is from Poche and it was L$150 - it is really adorable and makes several types of coffee.  The wall doughnut decor and cup of doughnuts are also from Poche and they are free :)

The stool is from Zigana and was a Project Themeory item. 

The Heater is from bbqq also a past Project Themeory item

My beanbag is from Mud Honey and is the Stash Bash Hunt prize.  This is a great prize with losts of sits and 3 lays - also you can mod it :)

Bubblegum is a Momiji Hunt prize

The adorable boots are the latest Group Gift from TokiDoki - the group is not free to join but it is soooo worth it.

Hair is one of Lamb newest releases - I bought the macaroon pack.  I was going to go with ombres but I just coouldnt help myself and went with the cute pastel shades - <3 this hair.

Skirts is from U.F.O. at collabor88 and is $L88 - I got 2 of them - love them but warning - wear panties under or you may have cause to blush!!

Teeshirt was from the [A] Limted event at Atomic (not sure if that is still going on - must check!)

Skin is Soomi from Mother Goose - this was an SGB special.

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