Friday, 18 May 2012

Summer Showers????

Looks like rain. Hopscotch :)

So today I got a notice from Cafe Amie about the release of cute mesh rompers so I TP'd over and the lucky board was a B so I got this set right away Yay!!!

I put them on and considered doing some work in my garden - but it looked like it might rain so I hopped into my greenhouse from Deco (I got this when it was on special offer and it is fab) and decided to play some hopscotch with my group gift game from Fin - relive the fifties - group is free to join and this gift was still in the shop last time I was over a couple of weeks back.

My hair is a subscribo gift  from Truth

Necklace and Earrings free from Concrete Flowers

Parasol is from Lisp Bazaar

Woodstock Deckchairs from What Next

Shoes are from Toki-Doki - casual sandals light

My skin is the $L1 Charmy Skin from Mother Goose

Lipstick is from Mock Cosmetics and is free - you can find it on the lipsticks section Full Tester Venom Red Lucir

I'm feeling happy and in an Elvis mood so here he is with Got a lot of livin' to do

I just noticed that this link offers a lot of various Elvis stuff once you first play the song I chose.  The more the merrier :)

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