Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Girly Night In

Finally my RL cousin and I got to spend some time together chatting on SL. She came round to my little house and I showed her the new TV by Lisp I got from Collaborate 88  . 

I love the TV but I don't get any sound from the preset films - not sure if that is just how it is or if it is my settings??? I haven't tried the "you tube" feature yet but maybe I will get sound with that.

Oh and the other thing that is weird, to get it to play one must deed to group but then once deeded it is impossible to alter the texture but still I love it :) Girly Night In I also wanted to show this nice little bench I got on a LB at   MMGraffiti

Girly Night IN Pics are raw from SL - just cropped - I didnt have time this morning to do any editing.

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