Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pretty in Pink

When I was doing the Seasons Pallet Hunt I just couldnt find the item at Bliensen and Maitai but today when I went there to find the Hearts Ablaze Hunt item there I also found the SPH yay!!!!

Anyway I think both go well together so here they are - oh to find them go here Bliensen and MaiTai

The lovely skin is from Atomic - at the dressing room blue for another week.  The freckles are from Glamorize - I just love Glamorize lots of makeups and so cheap :)  Talking of make up the eyeshadow is from Mock - what a kind group to be in - Mock gives out loads of stuff and I got a bunch of makeup in a little hunt  - taxi -  Mock

Hair is from Elikatira - note I did photoshop some little strands onto it.

And just as an aside, looking at the photos I have put onto Flickr, the only one getting viewed is the one with my bottie on display to the world!!  Either I need to join some groups to promote my photos and my blog or I need to bare my bum more!!!!


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