Friday, 10 February 2012

Going Green

I paid a visit this morning to  Gravis Beach .  Not all the stalls were set out when I arrived but I picked up a few nice free/cheap items and bought a really pretty shirt.


This dress is from Pesca (at Gravis Beach stalls) - it was either free on $L1 - pretty, sweet and makes me think of the coming Spring :)

Also from Pesca (again at the stalls) I bought this Shirt - I think it is really cute and was $L100. Pretty Shirt

The skin worn in both the above pictures is from Mother Goose's stall at the Gravis Beach stalls - it is $L1 and adorable.

Then I popped to The Dressing Room It wasnt open and not much was out when I cammed in but I did see a nice teal dress to go with the free shoes I got from Roly-Poly at Gravis.  Funny thing is that in this designers mesh sizes I am a Large (oh it is by Glow Studio) but in Cold Logic I am an XS! Also this dress needs a bra as there is a bit of nipple peek without one.

Teal So a good day so far :)

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