Wednesday, 1 February 2012

On Being New in Secondlife

Running around for the first few days like a headless chicken doll! Headless

What led me to Second Life:

For Christmas last year, I was given a gift of The Sims3 and the Pets expansion pack. At first I loved it! It was fun building a home and garden and dressing up my little Sim. In fact I was so into the game that I purchased other expansion packs so I could go on World Adventures and get a good job and promotions etc. However after a few weeks I found that the lack of any social interaction (except with computer generated sims) made the game a little tedious. A cousin of mine has played Second Life for a few years and suggested I should try it so I created an avatar.

My first impression

Confusing! I had little or no idea what to do as I was used to a game with goals set. I felt lost and alone (lol sounds pathetic). I decided that I had to make some goals for myself so I could have something to reach for.

My first goals

a) Get a place to call home. This for me was easy as my cousin has a lot of land in SL and she gave me a nice plot to call my own. She also put out a skybox and furniture for me. If I had just came to SL with no-one to help me with land I might have been tempted to go "premium" to get the Linden Home.

b) Get clothes, skin, shoes etc. This was surprisingly easy! I searched for second life related fashion blogs and found loads of blogs that listed free or cheap items and special events. I also looked on the marketplace and got loads of stuff.

What was harder was sorting it all out!! I learned an important lesson in my first few days - open boxes immediately, try on the items, delete if you dont think you would wear, make folders and put away in a tidy fashion if you want to keep.  After just 3 days I spent about 2 hours sorting stuff I had collected!!

c) Make some friends. Sadly this one I am finding hard :( My cousin is in a different time zone than I so we dont meet often on Second Life). So I have been rezzed for one week and so far only two people on my friends list and I havent met up with either one since the friendship was made although one of them has commuicated with offline messages, so hopefully we will be on at the same time again soon.

What's Next

I think now I have made some headway into my initial goals I will try to pursue some interests. I am interested in fashion, want to explore the places others have created and photograph them.

The doll body shown in the picture above is free to group members from DollCoco Update Group

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