Sunday, 11 March 2012

Birdies Everywhere!

We got birdies and stuff Goosie

I really loved my blonde D!va hair with the little spring birdies on it and then Lambsie found it in dark brown too here so we both hung around like bad smells till we got it!

I don't wear dark hair often but as I got this new Group Giftie skin from Al Vulo today it was the perfect time to be a brunette.

My top (as if anyone doesnt know by now lol) is a free gift from Cold Logic

Jeans - Mon Tissu 1929 cigarette  (I just love these jeans)

Lambsie is wearing

Cardigan Prudence Pink Mon Tissu
Skirt was an old LB prize from Bukka she does not know it it available in store (sorry)
Skin Mynerva one of the current group gifts.

Talking of Mynerva, I dont play a child avi but the gift skin for Little Milena is soo cute I had to wear it and take a pic!

The jeans on Little M are a GG from SMS
Hair - color testers from Lamb
Bag - GG from TokiDoki
Pose Box - GG from Cafe Amie
Shoes Marketplace - free
Goose Marketplace - dollarbie - they come with a "swarmer" and 3 geese are running around at any one time from each swarmer - they are cute but get everywhere and never shut up lol

Oh and if you look behind us in the first picture you will see a chair and fireplace and rug - these are out of a L$10 set from Lisp on the marketplace - I modded both the chair and fireplace.

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