Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ready, Set, Go!!!

Ready, Set, Go!!!!!

A new month: loads of new events and hunts and stuff.

As it is only the 1st of the month I have only just started looking at what is going on but I imagine I am going to be kept busy if I want to keep up with the blogging.

Anyways I have had a little look at the TFUH (the fresh unknown hunt) and as yet I have only picked up the item from Cold Logic which is some nice mesh short tops in 3 colors - I havent put a picture up, sorry, but for L$1 trust me it is worth grabbing.

 Cold Logic, in the short time it has been in existance, must be one of the best known SL brands already and with good reason. The fact that they signed up for TFUH seems to indicate humility on the creative minds behind Cold Logic and that they perhaps did not expect to become so well known so fast - but quality and talent always shine :)

And speaking of Cold Logic, today was the start of  March Mesh Madness on Fate Island.  I went along today and it was not crowded or laggy.  I bought a few things including this nice hair from Wasabi Pills and this dress (which you cant see much of but it is cute!) from Cold Logic.

My skin is Biscuit from Mother Goose
Necklace is from Yummy
Nails are from Candy Nail (LB)

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