Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Marmalade Sandwiches Anyone???

du pain, du vin_001

Normally when I take my photos I use the "AnyPose Expression Hud"  (which I got free from the marketplace HERE) to make sure my hands are relaxed and my nails stay in place and that I am looking where I want to look - it's a great little thing.   But today I forgot to wear it and so here I am doing a Paddinton Bear and giving something in the distance a "hard stare" lol

I've been wandering around C.D.T. 1st Anniversary Market and I have been lucky on a few boards there.  Above (from the boards) I am wearing this lovely skin from BCC - Bara Light Freckles and prim nails in chocolate from Pulcino.  My eyes are from Rozena - afternoon tea (I think they are a freebie there and not from a board but I might be wrong - got so much stuff it's hard to keep track!!!)

I love this cute hair from Rosy Mood - Myosotis.  It is free and comes in several shades.

Shirt is from Pesca

Dungarees are mesh and from Monso

Bike with poses (not mine sadly!) is from What's Next.  This belongs to my cuz but she says there is a new bike out now there that is rideable .... I must go check it out.

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