Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Missing Grannies

Rull of Hot Air!

Lisp sent out this adorable grannies knitting circle set in the subscribo.  As you can see no grannies bothered to turn up and knit stuffs for me!!!  And worse still with SL being as it is I didnt get the set from the subscribo and couldnt get via history as it is being updated. 

I didnt have to sulk however as Pandora Popstar has popped the set in free with her cute little hot air balloon lights.  These are L$75 a set (this is a special price for first week of release according to notecard which I did get from subscribo - typical SL gives me notecards but eats my nice chairs lol)

Oh just a quick thing - the basket of  wool is not part of the set - it is from What's Next.

My shoes are from Cafe Amie (either GG or LB)

Hair is from D!VA Yuri 3 in Cat's Eye - comes with ribbon on or loose version.  I really like this hair.

Skirt is new from Jane as is the tank which is one of the loads of  free tanks in the intrinsic tanks set.  A fantastic gift of staples that everyone should have in their inventory. 

Necklace is a GG from EY:NO

Nails are GG from LE Forme - these are lovely french manicure nails

Cardigan Beetle Bones Grandpa's Argyle Sweater in Cream

Skin is from Mynerva (my fav skin at the moment)

Make up is gifts from Mock  - the group is L$250 to join but that is cheap, it would be cheap at twice that price I think as Mockie is the most generous person and the group gifts flow like water.

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