Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Too Sleepy To Think of a Title!

Too early in the morning to think of a title!

I seem to be just rubbish at money management in my SL.  I decided to allow myself L$5k per month, it seemed like a lot at the time but here I am not even half way through the month having nearly spent all of it!!!!! 

I did buy two skins this month (not ones in special events) so that accounts for a lot of the spend - almost half when I think of it.  Looking in my inventory I can see that I have managed to get a lot for my money however, lots of special deals and free stuff and a few really nice full price items that I couldnt resist so I am happy (will just need to be really frugal for the next couple of weeks!) It's like RL money never lasts till next pay day lol!

Anyway on to my stuff as shown above

Skin is from Mother Goose - it is Biscuit Set I think L$800 for the set

Jeans are from Mon Tissu 1929 cigarette

Tank is from Tres Bla at collabora88 this is sunrise, I also bought sky.  I really love these tanks as because they are only partial mesh (top bit is texture) they layer easily.  I would have liked them all but had to restrain myself lol

Tree Seat is by Lisp at collabor88 - just had to buy this :)

Hair is by Vive 9 also at collabor88

Necklace is from Rebel X it was a gacha item that was given to me as a gift so I don't know if it is still there and I dont have a LM just now sorry

Sneakers and Bag are group gifts from Cafe Amie  group is free to join

Eyes are from Ikon

Biker Jacket is free from Prim & Pixel it says Demo but it is a full wearable demo in all sizes

Eye makeup is by Mock and can be won from the gacha at Fashion for Life for L$20 a go.  I played a few times and loved all the ones I got.  This one is Amelia Pond (they are all Time Lord related yay!)

Lip gloss is by LPD and is part of a free lipstick gift with 4 shades

Eyebrows are from my Milena skin set by Mynerva

Think that's it!  Off to work now have a great day all.

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